Dear DOB Ecology friends,

It’s a great pleasure to share this first issue of our digital magazine GO.

GO wants to take you beyond the statistics of the DOB Ecology portfolio. To zoom into what happens on the ground. We - the core Ecology team - have the privilege to hear these stories on a daily basis. We have a front row seat to the successes and frustrations of the folks at the frontlines – from South Africa to the Andes, from Ghana to the Amazon.

With GO we now have the opportunity to share some of those experiences with all of you. To show you a bit of background to the unique landscapes we invest in, and to show more of the amazing people making it happen. Exactly two years ago, we had our first physical gathering of all DOB Ecology partners, in the gorgeous landscape of the Cape in South Africa – graciously hosted by our friends from the Gouritz Biosphere Reserve (see video below). In these crazy Corona days, I often think about that event, remembering that quote from Margaret Meade: “… we should never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

In this online magazine we want to share the stories on how the DOB Ecology partners are, in fact, changing the world – against all odds.

For now, the magazine has an internal audience: the Advisory Council, the Board (Tree), the Family Council and other interested family members, and our colleagues of the other DOB entities. Plus, of course, the DOB Ecology partner organisations. With two or three issues this year, we aim for four magazines in 2021 – if you like it, of course!

Each issue will have a central theme. ‘Forest Restoration’ is the focus of this first magazine, taking us on a journey from the Sahel to the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, from the Amazon in Surinam to the stellar researchers in Zurich.

Finally, a big bow of gratitude to Maarten, Barbara and Marlies for being so instrumental in creating this first magazine. It’s beautiful. With warm regards,

On behalf of the DOB Ecology team: Birgitte, Pablo, Andrea, Scott, Jan Peter, Marlies.